Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for RAMS Families to volunteer either in the school or from home.


  • Don’t forget to ALWAYS bring your ID.
  • Always keep track of your volunteer hours.
  • Please remember to dress appropriately.

As a Ram Volunteer, you are representing the school.  Please act accordingly.

And above all….  HAVE FUN!

Volunteering in your child’s school is a great way to stay active on the day-to-day events in your child’s life and a great way to get to know other Ram Families and Ram Community

Please contact Janice Keener with any volunteer-related questions nlesvolunteers@gmail.com

Volunteer Code of Ethics


A volunteer shall be responsible for his/her scheduled times and must notify the school staff if not able to meet this commitment.


A volunteer shall respect the authority of the school and school administration


A volunteer shall not discuss school matters or information concerning students outside the classroom with anyone but the designated school staff


A volunteer shall favor no one side or party more than another in all school situations


A volunteer shall not let his/her personal feelings enter into his/her work as a volunteer.


A volunteer shall dress appropriately, always remembering that he/she is setting an example for the students.